Becoming my own mother (words by Brandon Wint, music by Adam Saikaley)

Two Hundred and Eighty Two (for harp and ebows)

Tree Well (for recorder trio)

Arctic Suite (for cross-strung harp)

Steps (for piano)

Timberwolf (for clarinet, trumpet)

Entwine (for four tenor recorders)

Theories on nothing (for alto flute, bassoon, bass clarinet)

Fugue non mesuree (for harpsichord)

Il chitarrone perduto (for banjo, classical guitar,  cross-strung harp)

Ascanio’s Tune (for acoustic guitar)

Box (for toy piano)

Motel of Opposable Thumbs (for marimba and piano)


Testar de corde (for piano)

Fantasma del chitarrone (for contrabass)


Echeggiare (for orchestra)

Mind (for electric bass, synth, electric keyboard)